All about ESTA for French citizens

To stay in the United States of America, French nationals are eligible for ESTA authorization. But in what cases is this document issued and how is it obtained? The procedure for obtaining it turns out to be very simple. You just have to be strict and respect the eligibility criteria in every respect.

ESTA for the French: what is it?

ESTA is the acronym for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. This electronic authorization system was introduced in 2009 following the introduction of the Visa Waiver Program. This visa-free program concerns nationals of 38 different countries. Among the Member States, France is in the same position as all the countries of the EU. This device is an alternative to the standard visa and allows the French to go to the US much more easily.

Do French citizens need an ESTA USA to travel to the United States?

Thanks to the authorization, the French travelers wishing to leave in the USA are exempt from American visa. However, to take advantage of this alternative, US authorities require foreign nationals to respect certain travel conditions.

If you are staying in Uncle Sam’s country for tourism or for a business trip for up to 90 days, you will need to apply for ESTA. As with all international travel, French nationals are obviously required to have a valid passport. If this is not your case, we invite you to go as soon as possible to your town hall to order a new passport. In addition, be aware that the US customs service only tolerates two types of identity documents: the biometric passport and the electronic passport.

How to apply for ESTA in France?

The request for ESTA in France is very convenient, you will not need to travel many miles to get to the US Embassy or consulate as is the case for the visa. Indeed, a simple request by internet is enough.

ESTA’s online application simply requires providing general information and answering a few questions via a form. This formality is relatively simple, but be sure to share the same information as that on your passport. Be particularly careful when filling out your passport number, be aware that a large number of ESTA have been refused because of an incorrectly copied number.

If you have not had trouble with the law and are not the victim of a communicable disease, the ESTA form will most likely be granted. If this is the case, the refusal can simply come from an error of inattention, if it is not the case, the USA visa will then be the only possible recourse.

ESTA authorization issued: how to use it?

Once your temporary resident permit application has been approved, you are free to travel to the United States whenever you wish for two years after the date the document is issued. On the other hand, if your passport expires during the same period, you will no longer be able to benefit from ESTA. You will therefore be obliged to make a new ESTA request for new travel projects.

As we mentioned, the ESTA authorization is an electronic document. You do not need to print it, it is linked directly to your passport . The mere presentation of your identity card during the check on board will be sufficient. It is the same on your arrival on the American territory.

Note that ESTA admission does not guarantee your entry to the USA. Indeed, the final decision to approve your presence on US soil rests with immigration officials. Once the control stage at the border crossing past, you are then free to travel to the USA where you want: California , New York, Miami … The possibilities are endless!