ESTA authorization to travel to New York and the United States

Every year, millions of travelers fly to the United States of America. The city of New York is also particularly popular with tourists . In 2018, the big Apple has seen about 65 million foreign tourists, making it the 6th most visited city in the world. To better manage the movement of nationals on the national territory, the US authorities require an ESTA travel authorization. This is a document issued online by the US Department of Homeland Security. This is requested before the traveler embarks with a shipping company or airline.

What is the role of the ESTA authorization for New York?

The ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) authorization is intended to provide information on each traveler who wishes to travel to the USA. This formality is established to know if the foreign national represents a threat or not for the USA. In order to obtain it, the American authorities ask to fill out an online form in which it is necessary to answer various questions.

ESTA does not apply to all travelers. Its delivery depends, on the one hand, on the conditions of travel , and on the other hand, on the nationality of the national .

Travel conditions required to apply for ESTA USA

To be eligible for ESTA, your stay in the United States must not exceed 90 consecutive days. Beyond this limit, the visa application to the US Embassy is imposed. The duration of the trip to New York or the country of Uncle Sam is not the only criterion to take into account. Be aware that the US administration issues the ESTA document for only three types of stays: tourist travel, business travel and transit.

As a security measure, the United States Customs and Border Protection also requires that you have a return ticket before applying online. This condition ensures that you do not want to immigrate and live illegally on American soil. Note that this travel ticket is only for travel by air or sea. Access to US territory by land requires another form.

Nationality of the national

Whether you plan to visit New York or the American West, be aware that to travel without a visa in the US, it is imperative to have the nationality of a country adhering to the Visa Waiver Program. This arrangement allows 38 nationalities, including all those of the European Union, to be exempted from a traditional visa during a visit to the United States.

To go to New York, how to get permission ESTA?

The formalities of obtaining ESTA are very simple, it is simply asked to have a biometric or electronic passport still valid when going to the USA. To apply for a temporary residence permit, you must complete the ESTA form. The latter is on the official website of the US government or on any specialized private site.

To complete the online questionnaire, you must enter your civil status and various elements of your passport, such as the country of issue or the passport number. It is also asked to answer 9 questions, including whether you have recently traveled to one of the “Muslim Ban” countries (Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen) or if you have already been convicted by Justice.

In most cases, the system immediately informs the applicant if the ESTA authorization is granted, pending, or denied. In the latter case, it is necessary to contact the consular authorities or go to the embassy for a visa procedure.

If your ESTA application has been approved, it allows you to leave immediately or for the next two years to New York or any other US state.

Is the ESTA form essential for travel to the United States and New York?

To travel to the USA, the ESTA is obligatory, except two exceptions:

  • you already have a USA visa obtained after a request to the consulate or the American embassy. It can be any residence permit (tourist visa, work visa, student visa, etc.), as long as the latter is valid;
  • you are a permanent resident in the USA and have the green card.