What to do if an ESTA request is not registered?

To obtain a travel authorization, it is essential to fill out the ESTA form on the internet. For this, the applicant must simply answer the questions following the instructions. If you do not follow the exact procedure, you may encounter some problems following your request. Here are the essential steps to correctly validate your application: completing the online form, answering closed questions, paying the ESTA application and finally retrieving the ESTA file number.

Unregistered ESTA request: how to proceed?

The ESTA authorization is obtained via the official website of the US government or via private platforms specialized in this activity. The ESTA procedure is therefore only remote, it will not be necessary to create a file of vouchers and go to the US Embassy or Consulate.

If you have a problem filling the form, such as a power outage or computer bug, your ESTA request will be considered unregistered. The only solution in this case is to make a new request online .

Since the payment of the ESTA takes place at the very end of the form, you will not have to repay ESTA’s fees again. On the other hand, the questionnaire will have to be started again.

Although this situation can be frustrating, take your time to copy the information. It would be a shame to be denied the ESTA authorization because of a typo or an oversight. The loss of time would be much more considerable since you have to wait 10 days after a refusal of ESTA to reapply.

Remember to bring your biometric passport or ePassport during this formality. Part of the questionnaire is devoted to the passport of the traveler , in which it is asked to communicate his passport number, the date of issue and the country of issue.

Payment of the ESTA form, and then?

Online payment of ESTA is the last step before sending the file to US authorities. After receiving your form, you will receive an ESTA file number by email. This identifier is essential because it will allow you, on the one hand, to monitor the progress of your application, but also to update certain information if necessary.

The final opinion on the application for a temporary residence permit is usually taken within 72 hours from the time you submitted your application. The decision is made by a computer which, after analysis of the information communicated, will judge whether you are fit or not to stay on the American territory. At this point, three cases are possible:

  • authorization is granted. This status formalizes your right to go to the US without a visa;
  • the request is pending. Your request is subject to further control;
  • the authorization is refused. Two causes are explainable: you made a mistake when filling out the form or you do not meet the eligibility conditions.

Terms of use ESTA

If you are eligible for ESTA admission, you are then free to go to the US without applying for a visa in advance. The validity period of an ESTA document is theoretically two years. In the event that your passport reaches the end of validity during this period, the authorization will no longer be valid. With ESTA, you can travel to the US as many times as you want. Nevertheless, the duration of your stays is limited, they are limited to 90 days maximum.

If the US administration refuses to issue you the ESTA authorization because you do not meet the requirements of the Visa Waiver Program, then the US visa application will be required to stay on US soil. To obtain this document, do not hesitate to contact the Embassy of the United States of America or consular services.