How to modify the ESTA to go to the USA?

If you are planning a trip to the United States of America , an ESTA will probably be required. This residence permit, set up under the Visa Waiver Program, has been mandatory since 2009 for stays of less than three months. To make the request, it is necessary to fill out an online form, accessible on the official website of the US government or specialized private platforms. This step is of paramount importance since the answers to the questions asked condition the status of your ESTA authorization . It is therefore important that no errors appear on the form and that all your information is up to date. Learn what to do if you need to make any changes to your ESTA form.

The ESTA form

The ESTA form asks for various information, especially about your identity and your stay in the United States. The US authorities require travelers to transcribe on the questionnaire the same information that appears on the electronic or biometric passport. At the slightest difference, your application for a temporary residence permit may be rejected. Hence the importance of checking that you have not made any mistakes or forgetting, and to update your data as soon as possible.

Modify the ESTA form before validation

If you notice an error on the ESTA form before sending it, it is entirely possible to correct it. In fact, all the information is modifiable (civil status, passport number, reason for stay in the US) as long as you have not made the payment. It is in anticipation of these errors that the system prompts the requester to check all the information he has provided before validating his request.

Edit the ESTA document after sending the questionnaire

There may be new items before you leave for the USA. This is new information about your trip to the United States such as a change of address or even passport. In this case, US authorities require that you update your ESTA record . However, only the email address as well as the flight number and the holiday resort can be modified after the submission of the ESTA form. Regarding other information, you will need to reapply for travel to the United States.

Modify the ESTA form after a refusal

You foolishly made an error on your form that caused you to reject your application? Do not panic ! Just wait 10 days from your first request to make a new request.

It is also possible that your ESTA document has been rejected because your passport is no longer valid or is not tolerated (optical reading passport). Indeed, to stay in the US, the US government requires to have a biometric or electronic passport valid. If you are concerned by this situation, you must contact your city hall to apply for a new passport to renew your application online.

On the other hand, if your request for ESTA has been rejected for another reason (criminal record not virgin, studies or internship in the United States , holidays more than 90 days …). It is necessary to apply for a visa at the US Embassy or consular authorities .

Should I pay to modify my ESTA?

The moment you update your ESTA authorization will determine whether you need to pay back or not.

If the update takes place before sending the form to the US Department of Homeland Security, no amount is required, you can change all the information for free. On the contrary, if a modification of important information is necessary after validation of the order, it will be necessary, as we have described, to redo a new request. To achieve this, the US authorities ask to pay the standard amount due to ESTA processing fees.