To travel to the United States, you need a travel authorization obtained in advance from the U.S. government. Your residence permit may be an American visitor visa. This B2 visa allows you to enter the U.S. for business, tourism or even medical reasons.

For stays of less than 90 days: You don’t need a B2 tourist visa. Simply obtain an ESTA by clicking on the online form.

If your stay in the United States is to last more than 90 consecutive days, you must first apply for a B2 visitor visa.

How to apply for a B2 visa for the United States

To apply for a B2 visa, follow the steps below, mainly online via the USCIS service portal:

Complete Form DS-160 online

You must complete Form DS-160, answering all the questions asked. Fill in your personal details and all the information concerning the reason for your stay in the United States. Once the form is complete, it is submitted online into the USCIS platform.

Download supporting documents online

When registering Form DS 160, the applicant receives a personal code. This code is assigned so that supporting documents can be submitted online. Applicants must then upload the supporting documents that will be attached to their visa application using their personal code.

Pay visa fees

Visa fees have been 185 US dollars since 2023. B2 visa applicants must pay their fees online and retain proof of payment. This proof of payment of fees must be added to the supporting documents for the B2 visa.

Make an appointment with a consular officer

All B2 visa applicants must undergo a visa interview with a consular officer of the U.S. representation in their home country. Applicants should therefore contact the American embassy online to schedule an appointment. In countries where there is no embassy, applicants should contact the American consulate.

Due to the large number of visa applications to be processed, in some countries it can take several weeks to obtain an appointment with the American embassy. As soon as the appointment date has been set, the candidate receives a confirmation of the interview, to be presented on the day of the interview at the embassy.

Prepare original supporting documents

Personal documents supporting the information entered on the DS 160 form must be brought to the appointment with the U.S. consular officer. Here is the complete list of documents required to obtain a B2 visa:

Visa interview at the US embassy

Photo of B2 visa

Specimen of a U.S. B2 visitor visa
Image of a B2 visa for the USA